17 Artists' reflections on containing and documenting life itself: books, photography, assemblage, painting, printmaking, collage, drawing, sculptural objects, sound works, music, specimens, and poetry. Featuring work by Bayla Arietta, Alexis Brown, Marion Belanger, Helen Cantrell, Leah Caroline, Jeremy Dine, Lys Guillorn, Stephen Grossman, Judi Harvest, Eva Mantell, Sarah Katherine Stengle, Gabriella Radujko, Joseph Smolinski, Mark R. Smith, Allard van Hoorn, Hanna Von Goeler, and Adam Waimon with specimens from the historic collection of the The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station selected by Dr. Gale Ridge & poetry by John Hollander and Susan Donnelly. Curated by Martha Willette Lewis in the Gallery Upstairs at The Institute Library. Please register in advance to attend the opening reception.